• Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

    Restoring Balance

    Therapeutic Practice

    • Therapeutic Massage - Experienced massage therapist with a clinical background. I am able to help with a variety of conditions.
    • Zen Shiatsu ~ Very  effective, and profoundly relaxing, Shiatsu works with the meridian  channels in the body to clear blocked energy pathways, reduce chronic  pain, and allow the body's natural healing to take place. Sessions with Vivian are done on a table while wearing loose, comfortable clothing. 
    • Watsu ~ Watsu is Shiatsu in warm water. Throughout the Watsu session awareness of the  gentle rising and sinking of one's breath becomes heightened. Body and mind becomes  more and more relaxed as you allow yourself to sink into a deep meditative state while being floated. Watsu calms the central nervous  system allowing the receiver to be brought to a place where healing can  begin.
    • Wellness Consulting ~ Utilizing methods used in quality consulting we draw from your innate wisdom, allowing you to rediscover and align with the path of your true purpose. 

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    Vivian Howell

    Healing Arts Practitioner & Instructor  with over 20 years of experience in private practice, and clinical  setting. Her work facilitates the restoration of balance, peace and ease in body, mind, and spirit. Aiding  the release blocked energy, easing pain, allowing a state of deep peace  to emerge for complete relaxation and healing from within. 

    Private bodywork sessions and consutations are available in Bedford &  Newton MA. Call 203-912-7300 for more information or to make an appointment.


    Vivian Howell, LMT




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